New Tap for 5 litre keg / Partykeg

Tapping like at a dispensing system - even more comfort with proven technology.

  • Sustainable: The new OBERHOFER tap contains up to 18% less plastic than its competitors on the market
  • Pull-out handle for more comfort for the operator
  • In combination with the OBERHOFER Combination closure / plug = the fastest tapping (L/min.) possible in a party keg
Operation in 5 simple steps:
  • Fold the handle forward
  • Pull the tap head on the handle as far as it will go
  • Move the dispensing head downwards on the dispensing lever and pour the beer
  • Move tap head upwards to stop the flow again
  • Enjoy your drink
Product video:
  • 5L partykeg / minikeg products made by OBERHOFER



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