KRÜNSTOFF® - bucket oval

KRÜNSTOFF® = a combination of plastic and green meadow grass

12,5 L bucket oval, optionally available with lid, made of our specially developed material KRÜNSTOFF® which consists of plastic and 30% grass (grass content certified by DIN CERTCO).

Usable for:

  • colour
  • biowaste
  • garden rubbish
  • animal feed
  • plaster
  • mortar
  • sand
  • etc.
Bucket oval 9701071 / lid oval 9701072
Brimful volume: 13,5 L
Material: Kruenstoff®203117 (plastic grass mix)
Special features: with steel handle, opening tab with originality closure
Recyclable: Yes
Colors: From 450 pieces available in your own color



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